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Soft Skills Training

Lead to win

Leadership - An action and not a designation

interpersonal skills

Accept and be accepted with great interpersonal skills

career ready

Prepare for the second career and make it count (entry & senior level)

Marriage Ready

Be a lifestyle partner and just a life partner

Talk Right

Talk your way to the top with excellent verbal and vocal communication skills work half done

Body Talk

Make sure your body says the same thing as you do

Get set goal

Setting the right goals is work half done in achieving them

Negotiation Ready

Always hear a yes as answer with excellent negotiation skills

Super home Maker

Transform form ordinary to super home maker

Mark of a Man

Be the gentleman who the world saluates and leave your mark as a man

Women N style

Be the women of today

time management

Manage time without stress

Intelligently Emotional

Keep your Emotional quotient in check

conflict to collaboration

Agreement on disagreement manage conflicts

Future Adult

Agreement on disagreement manage conflicts

Sales Ready

Selling skills to help you sell more. part of soft skills session.