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About Vibha Image Consultancy

At Vibha Image Consultancy, we provide comprehensive image consulting and soft skills training. Our services are designed to enhance personal and professional presence through tailored appearance management and bespoke solutions

At Vibha Image Consultancy, we follow these steps to shape up your dreams:


With extensive experience in people skills development, we cater to both individuals and groups, guiding them towards achieving their specific roles, goals, and work nature.

About Vibha

Vibha Kapoor, an incredibly dedicated and experienced Personal Styling Coach! Her unique approach to enhancing individual personalities through Appearance Management and bespoke design elements is truly commendable.Her vibrant spirit and self-belief, rooted in a nurturing upbringing, make you a dynamic and innovative coach in the realms of design, image, style, and etiquette.

Her nearly two decades of experience in Apparel design, coupled with your certification as an Image and Soft Skills Coach, showcase your expertise and commitment to your craft. What sets you apart is not just your technical skills but also your innate people skills and etiquette, which undoubtedly contribute to your clients' positive experiences and transformations.

At Vibha Image Consultancy, your client engagement is meticulously designed to guide clients through a seamless journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Whether through one-on-one sessions or group workshops, you prioritize flexibility and comfort, ensuring that each client receives tailored guidance and support to achieve their unique goals

Our Testimonials

Neeraj Sharma

Ceo, Shree Balaji Solutions

I greatly admire Vibha's expertise in understanding my needs. She delivered me it in a way that help me a lot to understand my strengths and work on my weak areas. Overall it was a great learning experience and very enriching.

Manish Bagga

Branding and Communication Expert

It was a great experience working with Vibha. She advised me on the appropriate style for my work as well as personal front. Her clarity to match one's style with their inner core value is really commendable.

Anamika Sahu

Vedic Maths facilitator & Soft skills coach

She focuses and gives due respect to client's choice, values and taste.It had been a great journey with her.

Monika Rai

Top Blogger, Quora

Her talent extends beyond understanding fashion. She understands complexion,body, personal style and able to bring out your best self.

Session Events

Take a look on the session events organised by us involving people from various sector.

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Transformative Session

Transformative Classes at NGO's

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Online/Offline Mentoring/Coaching session

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Corporate Session

At Red Fox Hotel,

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Institutional Session

Jetking Institue: Mentoring Fresh Graduates